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Booking & Dispatch

Infocabs is an Industry leading booking and dispatch software for the private hire and taxi industry.

Our innovative software, built from the ground up is tailored for speed, ease of use and resilience.

Packed full of features, Infocabs can take bookings, dispatch jobs, track vehicles, manage business contracts and much more.

Find out more about how Infocabs can benefit your business, staff and customers.

Booking & Dispatch
In Car Devices

A choice of in car devices means infocabs can adapt to any business scenario.

Our Orbit in car software has been designed and built to be as simple as possible, yet have powerful features to allow the driver to harness the power of the Infocabs system.

Available on a portable smartphone device or dedicated in car terminal

The Infocabs innovative in car payment system lets drivers accept secure payment by chip and pin.

In Car Devices
In Car Payments

Infocabs provides the facility to accept in car payment. Payments are made via the Infocabs terminal and a chip and pin card reader ensuring maximum security.

Using the chip and pin payment solution is easy and intuitive. The solution also provides confirmation to both cutomer and driver that a traction has been successful or declined.

Customers prefer the convenience and simplicity of card payments therefore having this solution in place increases customer satisfaction.

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