In Car Payments Solution to cater Cashless Passengers.

In Car Payments

Payment convenience for both your customers and drivers



1. Driver enters the amount to charge

Enter the cost of the service on the keypad.
(where a meter is used this amount is automatically entered)

2. Customer inserts the credit/debit card

Pass the keypad to the customer who checks the amount and then inserts their card.

3. Enter PIN to complete transaction

The customer enters the PIN code in the keypad to complete the transaction. A receipt can be automatically sent to the customer and driver via SMS or email.

Make your taxi payment system Easier, Convenient and Reliable For the customer and driver!


InfoCabs has made it possible to make your taxi payment solutions easier than ever. Now all your customers have to do is to insert their Credit/Debit Cards into the machine and it’s done!

Our taxi credit card payment system has proved to be very helpful for both the drivers and customers as it reduces all the hassle associated with cash and loose change. Making working life convenient and better.


Our taxi payments solutions work because;

  • Our solution accepts almost all Credit/Debit Cards
  • All our payments are Safe and secure.
  • Enables the driver to earn more in lesser time.
  • Gives the customer a complete record of their payment.
  • Issue electronic receipts to customers.
  • No unnecessary detours to a cashpoint

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