Taxi Drivers friendly Orbit in Car Software by InfoCabs

Orbit – In Car Software

Simple and easy to use for all drivers!

We understand that as a company you will have drivers with varying skills. The Orbit in car software has been designed and built to be as simple as possible, yet have powerful features that allow the driver to be able to their job effectively and efficiently. The menus are simple to use and the “action” buttons are colour coded so that drivers can quickly take action. Our feedback has shown that drivers love the Orbit system as its easy to use yet very powerful.


Easy to use

The Orbit system is built with the drivers needs at the forefront of our minds. Deep Research and Development alongside feedback from drivers has allowed us to build the most complete driver based software on the market


Built in GPS meter

The Orbit system comes with a built in meter that calculates the miles traveled and the price that can be charged for the journey. The meter settings are fully customisable from the management suite.


Driver job history

The driver has access to the jobs that he has done so he can keep track of his earnings. And can manage his time and energy in an effective manner. All in all this taxi software helps the company to grow and prosper.


Auto update over the air

Software updates can be released over the air to the device without the driver having to visit the base. This ensures there is minimum disruption to the business and all the drivers have the latest software.


Vocal Instructions

The Orbit system comes with an ability to speak to the driver, announce messages, addresses and other important information. This allows the driver to concentrate on the road. The software is also proving useful for drivers that have reading difficulties.


Built in Navigation support

Our Orbit system comes with built in voice guided navigation giving the driver turn by turn instructions ensuring that the driver gets to the destination.



InfoCab software is supported with a simple and efficient messaging system that allows quick communication between the office and driver. This feature has proved to help both, the driver and clients in great ways.


Follow on jobs

Being comprehensive taxi management software InfoCab has the Storms intelligent dispatching; it predicts drivers movements and decides when and how to give follow on jobs. Proving extremely useful for drivers as it allows them to reduce dead mileage and earn more money. When a suitable link job is available the system alerts the driver and then reserves the job automatically giving it to the driver when he becomes clear.



The Orbit system has an advanced bidding system. The driver is alerted to new bid jobs as they become available, the driver can then bid on jobs that they qualify for. Qualifying is based on distance, pulling zones or the amount of time a driver has waited between jobs. The job is assigned to the most suitable driver available.


Auto dispatch Logic

The Orbit auto dispatch logic ensures that drivers are given jobs that will cut down on dead mileage and get to the customer in time. A reduction in dead mileage will also reduce wear and tear on the vehicle, reduce fuel costs and be good for the environment cutting down on CO2 emissions.


In car payments

Our Orbit system has the built in ability to accept chip and pin payments. Make life easier for your customers and drivers and reduce the frustration of having to make an extra trip to a cash point to pay the taxi fare. The drivers can make the most out of this feature as it enables them to get more jobs with safe and secure payments on time.



In case the driver gets into a difficult situation our Orbit system has an emergency button, pressing this alerts the controller about the driver and his exact location allowing appropriate action to be taken.

All of the above mentioned features show that InfoCab is effective taxi management software that covers all your needs and wants.


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