Personalized Android & iPhone Application for Taxi Booking

Iphone & Android Apps

An intuitive and easy to use App for iPhone and Android!

easytouse (Custom)

Get the perfect app to compliment your in house booking

Infocabs iPhone and Android apps are designed to give your customers alternative ways of booking a taxi. The iPhone and Android app is completely integrated into your dispatch system to ensure that booked jobs are immediately available for dispatch ensuring a completely seamless experience for your customers and office staff.
The phone app is customised for you with your company logo and details, and published to both Google play and iTunes.

easytouse (Custom)

Empower your customers

Customers have the option to book a taxi while sitting in the pub, a meeting or on a train without having to talk to the operator. The app also keeps the favourite destinations for the customer allowing them to quickly book a taxi by looking up a favourite address, type in an address using the built in predictive address finder, or by clicking location search.


Customer not sure of their location? No problem !

All modern smartphones now have built in global positioning satellite (GPS) functionality. The Infocabs app is able to use the GPS feature of a customers phone to pin point where they are and match an address to that point. This address is then relayed to the Infocabs booking software and a taxi can be dispatched accurately.