Taxi Booking System: An efficient & user friendly taxi booking software

Taxi Booking System

A powerful and easy to use taxi booking system

The InfoCab booking system has been designed keeping in view all the needs of an operator and closely looking into the taxi booking issues. Using this information and extensive developing and testing we have created one of the best taxi booking software in UK.

easytouse (Custom)

Beautifully Simple and easy to use

The InfoCab taxi booking system has been designed by working closely with major taxi operators. Each task and feature has been streamlined for speed and simplicity allowing users to focus on the job and not the system. This makes InfoCab an easy system to use, with the most extensive features fit for all your taxi booking needs even for complete beginners.

bookanddispatch (Custom)

Book and dispatch jobs within 10 seconds

Understanding the value of your time as a taxi booking company, our system has been designed from the ground up to be fast. Feedback from experienced controllers in the design stage has enabled us to produce a clean and efficient user interface optimised for speed. Multiple features work together such as repeat customer recognition (select previous destinations), national address database lookup, custom short codes and keyboard shortcuts.
All these elements work together to produce a well-organised and efficient taxi booking system and are easy to access.

intelligencecomesnaturally (Custom)

Intelligence comes naturally

A number of features in our taxi booking software have been built to aid efficiency. Phone number recognition allows customer destinations to be predicted, “Search while you type” for address input and custom short codes for frequent destinations all play a part in streamlining the booking process. These features not only save you a handful of time but also help to gain your client’s confidence in a great way.

quote (Custom)

Instantly quotable prices

Prices can be auto generated by the system based upon a custom pricing matrix specific to your company. Eliminate mispricing and inspire confidence in regular customers. The system quoted price can be saved for use or modified if necessary for individual jobs.

Dispatch System