Taxi Business Management Solution by InfoCabs

Taxi Business Management

Manage your business with Infocabs

Infocabs has been built with extensive taxi management business logic.

Our staff have over 20 year experience of running taxi businesses, using this logic alongside working with our customer base we have created a robust taxi management software that can run the most demanding taxi companies.

businessgrowth (Custom)

Allow your business to grow

Increase the size of your fleet or combine multiple fleets into one management centre

Infocabs has been designed with the intention that it should help grow your business. The Infocabs solution can help and support you if you want to increase your number of drivers, merge multiple fleets, identify new areas and target under performing zones.

advanced reports

Advanced Reports

Detailed reports are available for all aspects of your business including driver, vehicle, customer and job reports. These easily accessible reports include everything from waiting times, fares, total distance, route maps and much more. This feature helps to assemble your business in an effective manner and lessens the burden of all your staff and drivers.


Unique Customer Profiles

InfoCab business management software lets you build a unique profile of your customers. Along with the telephone number profiles track the number of calls, no shows and cancelled jobs. This enables you to build a detailed picture of your regular and loyal customers. The profile system also allows you to identify previous customers that have not used your company for a while or others that have only used it once. Valuable insights into your customer base allow you to build professional relationship with your clients and serve them better.

textmessaging (Custom)

SMS marketing to grow your business

The InfoCab solution keeps a profile of your customers and where they have been ringing you from. This feature helps your customers to stay updated on all your new and upcoming services and features. The system also allows you to send messages to targeted customers based on frequency of contact and specific areas.

onlinepayments (Custom)

Online Payment Processing

InfoCab allows you to take payments online from the desktop. Signing up for the online payment solution is easy and simple. Furthermore the InfoCab solution does not have recurring fees you only pay 3.75% per transaction, making it the perfect taxi business management software of all times.

Accounts Management

Business Accounts Management

The InfoCab solution has a fully integrated accounts module that provides accounts for both customers and also drivers. It’s easy to setup and use, allowing you to setup account customers generate and send invoices.

Performance Dashboards

Business Performance Dashboards

The InfoCab Solution comes with key performance indicator dashboards allowing you to keep an eye on how the business, drivers and operators are performing in the form of graphs and charts. This instant visual reporting is an excellent way of spotting potential issues using the most effective taxi business management software.


Business Rules

Success is based on a clear strategy and a carefully executed plan. The Infocabs business rules engine allows you to setup business rules based on your strategy, the rules can be split by date/ time and zones therefore ensuring that all your business requirements are covered in order to move your business

Driver Management