Taxi Dispatch System, Dispatch Taxi with a touch of a button

Taxi Dispatch System

Intelligently dispatch jobs and locate vehicles on demand

The dispatch solution closely aligns the needs of the business with the method used for dispatching jobs. The dispatch can be configured to dispatch jobs manually, however it comes into its own when it is set to auto mode where the system automatically locates the driver and dispatches jobs to them.

jobdispatch (Custom)

Intelligently dispatch jobs / Track each driver status

Dispatch hundreds of jobs with the touch of a button

Jobs can be dispatched automatically to the most suitable driver based on numerous factors: driver location, customer location, driver’s queue, car type, etc. The Taxi Dispatch System is complex, designed to always dispatch jobs to the most suitable driver. The system can be adapted to your preference.


locatevehiclesondemand (Custom)

Locate vehicles on demand

All Drivers can be located and tracked in real-time, the status and changes thereof of any drivers is instantly recorded and displayed on the dispatch screen. Driver history is automatically saved and easily accessed. Mapping technology is powered by Bing maps.
The knowledge that a company has this level of control and responsibility will undoubtedly increase customer confidence.

Drivers can be instantly located with the press of a single button.
All drivers are being tracked on the mapping system which shows their location in real-time. Driver locations and routes are recorded to be used in reports.


zoningandmapping (Custom)

Zoning and mapping

In order to help the automatic dispatch system, all vehicles are tracked in real-time, and the map is divided into different ‘zones’. This helps the dispatch system to always choose the most suitable driver for a job. We understand that your business is constantly changing and therefore Infocabs have developed a zoning solution that is easy to use for the end user, allowing them to manipulate the zones so that they best fit their changing needs.


automacticfarecalculation (Custom)

Automatic Fare Calculation

Instant prices are quoted for customer convenience.
When a job is being booked, the fare is automatically calculated and displayed for an instant quote for customers, once the quote is given to the customer the job can be booked and dispatched, or the quote can be saved for when the customer calls again to book the same job.

onlinepayments (Custom)

Dispatch Rules

Auto dispatch logic is based on many factors and success is based on the flexibility of the dispatch system. The Infocabs dispatch rules engine allows you to setup auto dispatching granularly. This means that you can set rules to use a different logic at different times of the day, days of the week and even to different zones therefore ensuring that you can keep a balance between happy drivers and also happy customers.

Booking System

Driver Management