Driver & Vehicle Management - Infocabs

Driver & Vehicle Management

Pull reports and manage licensing compliance

Track and manage your drivers, their documentation and each vehicle with the Infocabs management suite. Quickly find out when driver documents are due to expire to maintain compliance and manage efficiently.

managevehicles (Custom)

Efficiently manage drivers & vehicles

Use the Infocabs management suite to manage your drivers and their vehicles efficiently and effectively. The management suite allows the business manager to be able to create edit and disable drivers as well as set their shift patterns and types of vehicles for the driver. The suite can maintain confidentiality at all times by allowing you to assign access rights to individual user accounts.

reports (Custom)

Pull driver and journey reports in seconds

The system documents all journeys undertaken and where fixed pricing or a meter is in place for records to be kept of money made by drivers. Using this information the system creates intelligent reporting allowing management to make quality decisions.

managelicensing (Custom)

Manage licensing compliance

Ensuring a driver is licensed to drive and that a vehicle is road worthy can be handled efficiently using the Infocabs system. The details and expiration dates can be entered into the system and if the system is set to enforce it will prevent a driver from working if their documentation is out of date forcing the driver to come in and show her documents which can be scanned into the system and kept as records of due diligence.