InfoCOMMS Interactive Voice Response

InfoCOMMS is a purpose built phone system, specifically designed for the taxi industry by Infocabs..

Customers that have the facility are realising real efficiency and automation of over 50% of their phone calls. savings allowing them to more efficiently management their business and customer interactions. Alongside taking bookings the solution gives passengers real time information on the location of their cab including the street name the cab is on and the time it will take to get to the customer eliminating calls through to the office.

It also allows calls between driver and passenger, and passenger direct to driver. The system is full Fully cloud-based, allowing you manage your business and answer calls from anywhere in the world and comes at a Low, affordable monthly cost.

Key Features and Benefits


IVR answers your calls and uses the customers history to suggest the most popular pickup places for customers to automatically make bookings via the phone system Customers can make bookings in seconds with no waiting for a telephone operator.
When a booking is in progress, customers can choose to speak directly with the driver Over 50% of your phone calls can be dealt with via IVR, creating huge staff savings.

Remote Access

Put yourself in control – take calls from anywhere. (e.g. satellite offices, home working)
Full use of all of the call features on your handsets, wherever they are, including Caller ID


Visual information presented in real time
Increase productivity and responsiveness at peak times
A proven way to improve and manage performance and call traffic.

Call Recording

Integrated recordings of calls by your phone system
Replay any conversation at any time

Caller ID

Full interaction with Infocabs to produce “call pops” of previous bookings for repeat selection

Driver Connect

Easy to use communication between driver and customer through a centralised number.

Numbers and Lines

Add as many numbers and “lines” as you require using the latest SIP technology
Adding additional lines requires no installation

Improve communication and reduce costs with all-inclusive calls
Driver to Base
Base to Driver
Driver to Customer calls
Customer to Driver calls