How Infocabs Enables You To Offer Flexible Pricing

How Infocabs Enables You To Offer Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing is an essential factor that contributes to the success of your taxi company. This is because it would enable you to charge appropriate fares in every ride situation possible. Thus, you need an excellent taxi booking and dispatch solution that would take into consideration all the unique flexibility required for pricing. Infocabs solution allows you to set different flexible pricing options depending on several factors outlined below.

Specific Locations

Customers often want to know exactly how much they will pay for a ride. Thus, to meet customers’ needs and compete with the competition, you need to offer fixed fares to specific locations. With the Infocabs pricing solution, you can set up fixed pricing for your taxi services by simply activating “location to location” pricing. For instance, you can set a fixed price for trips from different locations to the airport, thereby making your business competitive and ensuring your operators and drivers are quoting/charging the right prices.

Out of Operating Area

Sometimes, the location of a pickup can be farther from the operating area of your taxi service, and your drivers would not be willing to travel to the pickup area as the fare would not make it worth their while. Infocabs pricing module makes pricing easier in this situation by allowing you as a taxi company administrator to set different prices for different plots or zones. So, next time a customer rings from that location, the price will automatically change, making it more appealing for the driver to accept the ride.

Rush Hour

During certain times of the day, it takes a driver longer to finish a ride due to rush hour congestion.  Therefore, you might need to consider this when setting your pricing as your driver spends longer on a job. The driver might be losing money as he spends precious minutes sitting idle in traffic. To prevent this, the Infocabs pricing solution can be set so that at certain times of the day you can have different prices that will maximize the driver’s earnings, which will make the driver more willing to take the job.

Toll Roads and congestion charges

Some ride destination will have your drivers driving through tunnels or routes where you will be charged a tariff or toll. This reduces the overall amount you get from the rider, as you have to pay for the tariff. The Infocabs solution can automatically recognise when you enter such a location and will add the right amount onto the fare to ensure that the driver makes the right amount of money.

Telephone number based pricing

The Infocabs solution also provides flexibility in pricing based on the number a customer rings. So if you provide your service in different locations or your business is split into a business to business and business to consumer service, you can set prices based on the telephone number the customers call.

All of these flexible pricing options we offer at Infocabs help in making your taxi cab business efficient, as well as attract professional drivers to come work for you.Your drivers will be happy to do the work with the knowledge that your system caters for all pricing eventualities.If you’re interested in setting up flexible pricing for your taxi service, contact us today for the Infocabs system.