A fully and comprehensive
dispatch solution

Infocabs is a complete taxi booking and dispatch solution that works for fleets of all sizes with features that are flexible to ensure you have the best tools to deliver an excellent service to your customers.

The cab industry is changing from the traditional office based environment to a distributed workforce.

1. Operators in different locations from anywhere in the world.
2. Management needing access to information quick time.
3. Ability to access valuable data from different devices from smartphones to tablets.
4. Connectivity to different platforms for example connecting to payment gateways.
5. Help yourself service for customers from apps to business portals.

The solution you have should be the same.

In the Office

Whether you prefer dedicated computers in the office or running the whole business from the cloud or doing both. The Infocabs solution can cater for your needs.

1. Fully featured Infocabs storm desktop software.
2. Full Management suite.
3. Installation & Configuration.
4. Plotting , zoning, local addresses plus mapping.
5. You can be up and running with the live system within 2 hours of Installation.
6. Training in your office with your operators and drivers.

For your peace of mind the training will be carried out by one of our qualified trainers who has spent time working as an operator so knows the taxi business.

1.1 Management

Reports and KPI’s

One of the most important elements of maintaining and growing business is ensuring that you have information available that gives you an insight into your business. With a decade of working with cab companies Infocabs has over 100 reports and also KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that give you an insight into how your business is performing. If you do not find the report you are after.


The Infocabs solution includes 100's of reports showing you all aspects of your business. The range of reports lncludes drivers performance, operator conduct , trip reports, driver earnings, working times and others.


The Infocabs dashboard screen includes all the key performance indicators you need to ensure you business in running properly from telling you who is working, how many hours they are doing, their earnings per hour, upcoming jobs. All the information to make timely judgement calls.


The infocabs solution includes a full accounts module allowing you to allocate all trips to account customers and then send invoices ,receive payments in the system and print off and export driver earnings and commission.

Android / iOS

The driver app is critical to any successful taxi/ private hire operation. It has to be easy to use yet be powerful enough to enable the driver to work.

Our driver app is designed to be both of the above. On top of that it is available on both iOS and Android platform.


➦ Driver miles

Drivers can dictate how many miles they are prepared to travel for a job. The system can then automatically assess the suitability for jobs and by distance.

➦ Navigation

The driver app connects with multiple navigation systems ensuring that the company and driver can use the solution that is most comfortable to them.

➦ Voice activated commands

When the driver is on the road they do not really want to be concentrating on the PDA but on the road. The Infocabs driver assistant has built in functionality that gives voice commands to the driver. Making it efficient and safe for everyone.

➦ Fare Calculator

An automatic fare calculator that works to the company policy

➦ Rating system

Its important to ensure that you provide a quality service to your customers. The best way to achieve this is for the customers to provide you with feedback. The Infocabs system allows the customer to provide valuable feedback instantly ensuring you provide a good and consistent service.

1.2 Web booking Engine

The Infocabs Web booker is an integrated and complete solution for taking web bookings. You customers can go onto your branded site put in the journey details check prices and make an online payment. The job will then seamlessly come to your Infocabs dispatch system giving you a seamless experience.

1.3 Business Booking Portal

The Business portal is a A complete portal for your corporate clientel allowing them to book and manage their own bookings. The business portal is a powerful feature rich module that will allow your account customers to:-

  • Create and manage their own staff 
  • When an account customer creates an account for staff the staff member is sent an e-mail showing them how to use the portal
  • Admin can enforce rules of where from and what time staff can book cabs
    Manage departments and costcodes
  • Automatically assign the job types and staff to costcodes
    When jobs are booked emails are sent to both the booker and to the accounts management team.
  • Auto account billing and payments
  • All data can be transferred into most of the popular accounts packages.

Customer Apps

A comprehensive solution fully branded to the customer.

1. Allows passengers to book jobs now or in the future.
2. Built in payment module to pay for journeys in the app.
3. Account customers can put the job straight into their account.
4. Driver bio, photo and ratings.
5. In app offers and discounts.

1.4 Telephony and IVR

The Infocabs telephony solution is tailor made for cab companies ensuring that you have the best product to achieve a truly scalable solution.

The Infocabs pbx solution comes with the following:

1. VOIP based solution (sip lines)
2. Multi lines as standard no additional costs
3. Integrated Caller ID
4. Integrated call recording allowing you to connect a caller to a job instantly
5. ABOP (automatic back on phone)
6. Auto response to where is my taxi with ETA
7. Customer to driver auto connect

8. Driver to customer auto connect
9. Wallboard with real time call statistics.
10. Flexibility to operate from anywhere.
11. The Infocabs IVR will give you the following benefits
12. Increased automation
13. Reduced staff overhead
14. Improved contact center efficiency
15. Time savings for you customer.

Hotel Booker

1. Fully branded to the customer.
2. Allows staff or passengers to book jobs now or in the future.
3. Customers can cancel a job.
4. Easy to use.
5. Fully integrated with the Infocabs dispatch system.

Payment Solutions

Innfocabs comes with a number of payment providers like Stripe, Paypal and Payleven. On top of this our open API allows integration with other providers so that there is no hindrance with any supplier that you want to work with.

Track my Cab

There is nothing more annoying for a customer than guessing when their cab will be with them. With the tracker the customer can simply track their by simply clicking on the SMS, as a bonus from within the page they can call the driver**

1. Lets customers track the driver at all times cutting down on calls to the office.
2. Gives customers ETA of the driver.
3. Gives customers the driver bio with picture.

Driver Ratings

1. Allows customers to give you feedback on your driver.
2. Know who your best drivers are from a customer's perspective.
3. Manage drivers that are not performing well.
4. Gives an invaluable picture of your driver over time.

although the Infocabs solution is a fully featured product there still is functionality that customers need and want which is over and above what we can do in the timescles they need it in, to overcome this we have rebuilt the whole solution so that we can provide a full and flexible API so that other rich functionality can be built to complement the core product.

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