Be Safe now share your eta and trip details with your friends or family

Be Safe, Share your ETA and trip details with friends or family.

Based on feedback from yourself we are aware that your customers value their safety and want to know that their journeys are safe.

We have been working on creating functionality that will allow you to help your customers feel safe.

The new feature will allow your customers to be able to share their journey details with friends and family. The chosen people will then be able to monitor the customers journey on their own laptops/ smartphones to ensure that the customer gets home safely.

When your customer requests a ride and the driver accepts, They will be able to swipe up on their app screen and tap send status. This shares their trip details with friends or family.

When their job has been accepted and the driver is waiting for them they’ll receive a notification, opening this notification will display their  driver’s first name, vehicle info, and their location on a  map in real time.

They can pre-select up to 5 contacts to receive their status, select settings from your app menu, you can also add more contacts manually when sending your trip status.

Send your trip status link manually (Via another app, by email, etc) by copying the link that appears at the bottom of your app when you tap send status. 

Adding this feature will allow you to protect both your customer and also your driver.


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