Elite cars case study

Transforming the way to do business with Technology

Company name: Elite Cars based in Wakefield

Contact for enquiries: Imtiaz Khan


We Elite Cars are a small company with only 40 cars. We at Elite Cars we were heavily reliant on operators taking calls in the office. We wanted to shift to more automation and “help yourself” services so that we could relieve the pressure on staff and even reduce the number of staff. This requirement was also compounded by the fact that two of our best operators were relocating due to family reasons so we had to act fast in finding solutions to enable to not only continue but to become more efficient and also future proof our business as much as we possibly could.

What issues did we need resolving?

As mentioned in the summary we are a small company with only a handful of operators and two of these were needing to relocate for family reasons so we needed solutions that would help us to be more efficient and less reliant on office based operators.

Action Taken

We spoke to a number of providers for telephony and also cab dispatch suppliers to see what solutions were available and also reached out to Infocabs who were our current providers of the dispatch system but not telephony. Infocabs have always provided us with a fantastic service and are very approachable, however we wanted to carry out due diligence and make sure we had made the right choice. After speaking to 3 other suppliers we felt Infocabs were the right match for us as they have never let us down and only promise what they can deliver. With Infocabs help we introduced the following technologies that have transformed our business.

  • We moved from our previous telephony provider over to Infocabs so now all our solution is under one roof. With this integrated approach we are able to now offer a much better service with so much flexibility its amazing below are some of the features we now use.
    • Customers can now book jobs using our auto attendant service without the need for an operator. Customers who don’t like using this can simply opt out by pressing 0 the system remembers their preference and the next time they ring it will go straight to the operator.
    • When a driver is on a job and the customer rings the system tells the customer that their driver is on the way and also which road the driver is on and ETA. This is a godsend on a Friday and Saturday night.
    • When a driver is on a job and they are finding it difficult to locate a customer they ring the office and the system is intelligent enough to know that the driver is on a job and therefore puts them through to the customer – again like the point mentioned above cutting down on operator time.
    • We are also in the beta phase of testing out the Infocabs cloud-based booking and dispatching with our staff that have relocated which means that they can both work remotely and this is working great – it is working so well that other operators in the office have indicated they would also like to do the same. One of our staff is thinking of relocating to Abiza and this has become a viable option for both parties.
  •  For our account customers we have the “Business Portal” which is a website that links to the booking and dispatch system that is built exclusively for business customers allowing them too book/ amend their own jobs and crucially with it having cost codes and also the ability to import and export it has made their life easier in managing their business. Speaking to our customers they are loving the portal with all of them saying it has made them more efficient.
  • For the bars and clubs we use an app that can be used to book cabs with just a click or two and again like other products from Infocabs it links directly into their booking and dispatch system seamlessly so does not need operator assistance.
  • We have also started an initiative to let our customers book their own cabs using our own branded customer apps.


By introducing all of the above we have really been able to be more efficient our operators are having to deal with less calls from both customers and drivers and hence they are happier and as a company we can also be more efficient and more profitable as we don’t need as many operators when it is busy. We keep an eye on our stats and we have 30% less calls coming in the office as to before and at the same time our job count has increased. We are working to make this 60%.

Our next action is to push more on automation and then introduce more efficiency for our account customers and accounting in general (for both customers and drivers) for which we have spoken to Infocabs and looking at their accounts module this should be straight forward.

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