Driver Productivity

Track, Manage and boost driver productivity with Infocabs

With Infocabs, you get absolute control over productivity while ensuring that your drivers operate with the flexibility they need. The easy to use interface is built with the driver in mind as it functions like an in-car assistant offering them all of the help they need to navigate between locations one customer at a time.

To ensure that all of your customers are satisfied and that your drivers are able to work profitably, The Infocabs system provides a quick booking system and gives the drivers control over  how much work they would like to handle. With extra perks like job history accessibility, drivers can access their past jobs and keep track of their earnings all in one place.

Make drive times easier and more interactive

Our software provides drivers with features like navigation support that enables them to find their destinations using turn-by-turn direction using one of their favorite navigation app. This enables them to reach customers in just about any. Drivers also get customizable GPS meters allowing for set prices on each trip they make. Our fare calculators come with a controllable interface allowing you to make changes depending on your chosen rates (see our pricing page).

With Infocabs, you can stipulate rules for your business in order to help standardize your operation for both drivers and staff alike. Such rules can include;

  • Rules and penalties for time wastage
  • Rules around no-show
  • Features that set the visibility of information to the drivers (what information is visible to the driver and at what stage of the job they become visible)
  • When and at what distance a driver can press waiting time
  • Rules for breaks
  • Sin bin/ driver promotion and demotion
  • Driver document management (If a driver’s documents are expired they cannot login until they are updated)
  • Drivers can update their documents in the driver PDA app
  • Dealing with account jobs
  • Bidding rules
  • Commission pricing
  • And many more.

We also provide drivers with the ease and flexibility of self-management. With this, they can document the distance they are prepared to travel and what kind of navigation they use. This way, you get to automate the suitability of each driver for specific jobs allowing customers to get the best out of each ride and eliminating no-shows/cancellations.

Let’s help you increase your driver productivity today with the best cab automation and dispatch system!

To find out more about how we can help you improve your business, please get in touch with us for a chat and a free demo.

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