Increase Efficiency

Make your business a lot more efficient with Infocabs Want to make the day-to-day operation of your business a lot more efficient? Infocabs offers you the ability to add real efficiency to your operation by providing a wide range of tools designed to ensure that you get more rides booked with less effort and impact… Continue reading Increase Efficiency

Increase Business

Let’s help you grow your taxi business by leveraging the power of technology How would you like to grow your business and serve your customers a lot better? With Infocabs, you get the perfect blend of convenience and automation. We provide your customers and drivers with a functional solution that helps them connect faster. With… Continue reading Increase Business

Flexible Working

Provide remote working opportunities and get better results for your business The cab business is a 24 hour business and with it there is the challenge of times when it gets busy. This introduces immense challenges for taxi cab business owners. Need staff to come in for a small window but cant justify the travel… Continue reading Flexible Working

Driver Productivity

Track, Manage and boost driver productivity with Infocabs With Infocabs, you get absolute control over productivity while ensuring that your drivers operate with the flexibility they need. The easy to use interface is built with the driver in mind as it functions like an in-car assistant offering them all of the help they need to… Continue reading Driver Productivity