Flexible Working

Provide remote working opportunities and get better results for your business

The cab business is a 24 hour business and with it there is the challenge of times when it gets busy. This introduces immense challenges for taxi cab business owners. Need staff to come in for a small window but cant justify the travel for them? Why not allow them to work from home. Are you not present in the office but would still like to run your business? With the Infocabs cloud based solution, you get to eliminate the stress that comes with managing your business no matter where you are.

The Infocabs system offers you remote working functionalities that lets you handle and manage your business without having to be physically present at the office. This make it easier to monitor, manage and assign tasks from the comfort of your home. With this feature, you also get the time mobility that come with handling tasks while on the go, making your business an independent entity that operates like a powerful machine.

Hire specialized staff remotely

Need a specialist operator? We’ve got you covered! Now you can hire operators and they don’t need to be working physically from the office. Our cloud solution means that as long as they have broadband and a laptop they can work.

The advent of cloud computing has really opened up real possibilities for cab companies. Businesses that used to be confined to offices spaces can now become more spread out and flexible to work at.

With Infocabs, you can give your staff flexible work options. Functionalities include;

  • Remote working options that lets your team and staff members work from home including convenient periods after work.
  • Convenience in assigning staff to cover busy times like mornings, school periods, weekends night and times when you may be busy as a business owner.
  • Elimination of the barrier restriction that comes with hiring staff from different and distant locations.

How does the Infocabs system work?

  • Our cloud based booking and dispatch system has all the functionality of the desktop version, but with the flexibility of working from anywhere
  • Our VOIP based telephony just needs an internet connection and you can receive calls from anywhere.
  • Our management portal allows the business administrators to manage all business activities over a secure web portal.

Get Infocabs for your company

With Infocabs, running your taxi company is made a lot easier. Contact us today and let’s bring you a better way to make your business more flexible and efficient!

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