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Let’s help you grow your taxi business by leveraging the power of technology

How would you like to grow your business and serve your customers a lot better? With Infocabs, you get the perfect blend of convenience and automation. We provide your customers and drivers with a functional solution that helps them connect faster. With our app, customers can now make bookings using their mobile phones while getting the option of in-app payments. We understand the need for efficiency of operation and our app is designed to ensure that customers can quickly navigate the interface and make their bookings seamlessly.

The  cab business is a fluid business and timing is everything there are times when you get very busy and on these occasions our automated system provides customers with a better way to connect with you ensuing that you can take all the bookings needed to keep your driver busy on the road.

Want to beat your competition? We can help!

With the multiple features that our app provides, we offer you a way to inspire loyalty and help expand your customer base. By providing perks like repeat customer recognition and quick dial, users get a more friendly and accessible platform that they can use frequently thereby making you the industry favorite among day-to-day riders.

With our one-stop solution, customers can book your cabs using;

Telephone: We understand that some customers still like the ease and familiarity that phone calls provide along with the ability to talk to a live person. On the Infocabs platform when a customer rings the system pulls up all their previous history making booking a cab a very simple process.

Over the web: Do you have an active website? Let customers make their booking by accessing your web page. This helps with staff resourcing and allows customers to take their time in booking rides and also allows them to get real time pricing as well as the ability to make a payment for their journey on the web.

Over the portal: The Infocabs business portal allows your business customer to quickly and easily management their own staff and make their own bookings allowing your staff to be more efficient and deal with other enquiries.

Using custom apps: Custom apps are the future of the taxi industry and are the best way to get ahead in the taxi business. With our custom apps, users can quickly navigate and make their bookings using their favorite devices without having to experience lag or unnecessary wait times. All you have to do is register with us and get started.

What’s even better? We provide your customers with a combination of all these booking methods. This provides them with the flexibility of booking your cabs through their preferred/available means. Our 3rdparty API integration provides a unique functionality that allows for the addition of extra features allowing for expansion of additionalperks for improved customer experience.

Get in touchwith us today and let’s help you increase your business!

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