Increase Efficiency

Make your business a lot more efficient with Infocabs

Want to make the day-to-day operation of your business a lot more efficient? Infocabs offers you the ability to add real efficiency to your operation by providing a wide range of tools designed to ensure that you get more rides booked with less effort and impact on your operators by introducing other tools that the passenger uses to book their journeys,.

We understand that one of the biggest challenges that most Taxi companies face is increasing efficiency and reducing costs. With Infocabs, you get to keep costs down while introducing a multitude of self booking options.

What’s more? The possibility of remote working conditions becomes a reality with infocabs as you can get specialist operators to handle the work for your business without having to bring them into your physical facility meaning that you can plan to flexibly add operators as and when needed who can then work from home or remote locations.

All of the tools you need for business growth

We provide all the tools you need from receiving bookings to collecting payments. All the modules are incorporated to ensure that each of these processes are as seamless as they can be.

With our system, you get;

  • The traditional call centre operation
  • Online booking(Done via the web)
  • Hotel booker – taxi butler
  • Business portal
  • IVR – interactive voice recognition
  • Integration with 3rd party products like Taxi Butler

With all of these options made available to your customers, our system then receives the ride requests and then assigns the right driver based on the auto dispatch logic set.

Accounts and invoicing

With Infocabs, you also get an accounting module that is easy to use. When account jobs are booked, the system automatically enters the details and costs for the customers into assigned slots. This makes it a lot easier to send personalized invoices, thereby making the payment collection process a lot easier. At the end of every month, you can then put all of the customer’s jobs into an invoice and have them sent in an email for payment. Invoices can then be cleared when all payments are made.

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There simply is no better way to run your business. Get Infocabs for your taxi company today and experience the efficiency your business needs! Contact us to get started.

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